Turn your balcony into a garden paradise with three simple tips!

Are you a balcony owner who loves gardening? Then here are few tips to help you create your own small paradise in the city. Plants and gardens are a refuge for relaxing and unwinding. The outdoor areas of your balcony offer the opportunity to use some of the extra time you spend at home and create unique and meaningful projects! After all, a beautiful outdoor area increases the value of your property!

Herb Garden:

One wonderful tip is to create a herb garden that doesn’t require a ton of space! Your herbs also can help you double as a source of food and a sleek green look. You have a variety of options including basil, rosemary, thyme, parsley, and mint are some great options that you can start with!

Throw a shade garden:

If your balcony is shade don’t feel discouraged about gardening! You can make the most of your balcony by adding some plants that last in shade areas! One great example is Lamium Maculatum (dead nettle). A low, spreading plant with silvery foliage and purple, pink, red, or white blossoms, this beautiful plant spreads happily in shady locations!



If you would like to add more texture and interesting color you can try Astibile a colorful flower plumes which comes in a variety of colors including bronze, pale green, blue green, dark green or wine red!






And lastly a succulent garden:

A succulent garden is low maintenance if you’re a busy person is the best solution to create a beautiful and modern look to your balcony space!  Succulents are drought tolerant plants which means you don’t need to water them regularly! The only thing they require from you is good air circulation, sunlight and a little bit of water. It’s a unique plant that provides a stylish touch to your balcony and, they increase the curb appeal too!


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